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The Day of the Disappearance

April 8, 2024

Merlin has read the signs and studied the portents and determined, on April 8, 2024, near the hour of 1:27PM, the Great Dragon will stretch across the sky and consume the sun!! (Such a mystic occurrence might be described as a solar eclipse in modern times).

Sunday night, April 7th, join and dance around the camp fires to the mystical rhythm of our drum circle, and marvel and be amazed by our fire artist. 

Free Admission to Fairgrounds on Monday, April 8th

Then, gather for the viewing on Monday, April 8th from 10AM until 3PM.  The Peasants’ Feast of soup in bread trenchers, as well as cheeses, fruits and beds of greens, and mead or beer for your thirst will be served at 11:30. 


Special Event Pricing

Admission to the Fairgrounds Free on Monday, April 8th

2 Nights of primitive camping (Saturday and Sunday OR Sunday and Monday nights) + 2 feast tickets $65

Individual Feast tickets $15

Special eye covering to protect one from the gaze of the dragon will be provided with every feast ticket sold ($2 for those not buying a feast ticket).

Sunday Night Festivities in the Campgrounds

Drum Circle 

Fire Performer


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