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Avalon Faire

The King's Feast

Two feasts from which to choose! Each with its own special flair!

 Join us on 11 April, from 1:30 to 3:30, to feast and regale his Majesty at the finely appointed table of the Lady of Glamorganshire. Welcome the King, Her Grace Queen Guinevere, Lady Elaine and brave Knights of the Round Table. Share toasts with our merry assembly. Be among us as we celebrate at table the anniversary of the coronation of our beloved King Arthur. There will be special performances by Faire entertainers, food aplenty, and drink to satisfy the greatest thirst.* Come dressed in your glorious best in honor of the King!

 On 25 April, 1:30 to 3:30, the final weekend of Faire, Merlin will take Arthur on a magical trip to his past – our future! (As we all know, Merlin lives his life backward.) He teaches the King by transforming him into beasts and fowl or by transporting him to different times. Now Merlin will bring Arthur and all of Avalon to the time of the New World and the Pirates who sail the seas in search of treasure. According to the Wizard, Pirates make jolly company indeed!