Avalon Faire

April 2 - May 1, 2022
10-7:00 Saturday 10-6:00 Sunday

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American Jousting League

The American Jousting League is a hard hitting medieval experience 

Our knights compete in skills at arms and real Jousting

Come see who will reign as Champion of the Tournament at Avalon! 

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The Avalon Cast

Introducing the Cast of Avalon. The Lady Elaine of Glamorganshire (Traci Peacock), sister of the beloved King Arthur (Mark Hall), welcomes all to the annual celebration of her brother's coronation. But beware! Queen Guinevere (Laminda Miller) must be protected from the evil designs of  Morgan la Fey,  who seeks to ransom the queen for Arthur's crown. 


The Court will hold a Commissioning Ceremony each day of the Faire, awarding titles of honor to those who wish to be recognized. Is it your birthday? Alert a Cast member and walk the Parade as our invited guest. Meet us in the lanes to chat or mayhaps share a meal. And don't be too surprised if a scuffle ensues over who spilled who's ale! All of this and more is presented in the lanes and on the stages of Avalon Faire by this talented troupe, the Cast of Avalon.

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The Bard O'Neill

Join the Diane Linn - the Bard O'Neill on musical adventures from one time into another and back again. The songs are your choice, "sweet or saucy," that the Bard will pick from her repertoire. No two sets are ever the same and the Craic is grand! Visit her website to view her extensive touring experience and sample songs from all five independent CDs. Diane plays guitars (6 & 12 string), bodhram (the Celtic drum) and sings with gusto and compassion. She is a consummate entertainer who delights in rapport with new friends and old!

Bohemian Jewels

Come, be captivated by Avalon's dancing ladies. The Bohemian Jewels are bellydance enthusiasts from all over East Texas performing eclectic styles of dance.  We have fun and truly enjoy dancing and it shows in every performance. Visit us each week at the Treehouse Stage!

Professor DeWitt

Come watch Punch & Judy, a classic comedy puppet show from merry old England!


Ermagerd Bard

Performing historical sing-along songs, original songs about historic events and people, and telling stories about events historical and mythical. Or join a Silly Sing-along show for kids and families. Funny or moving, Ermagerd Bard is sure to please - and, you just might learn something!

Leghorn the Piper

Thrill to the stirring sound of Leghorn the Piper's traditional bagpipes.   He'll be there to welcome you to Avalon in the morning, and he leads the procession to the gate at the end of each day.  He'll have you kicking up your heels in jigs and reels!


Join Knightwings and our magnificent birds of prey from around the world in our unique free flying show!


Pangur Band

Pangur Band developed into a musical group in 2019 out of the combined effort of classically trained musicians.  From the original conception and music ideas by Shannon Roberts (Violin/Voice/Bodhrán), working with Ben Shepherd (Guitar/Vocals) for arranging, the music of Pangur Band features skilled musicians playing traditional music with a personal touch and represents the cultural wealth found in the Irish/Celtic tradition.  Members include, Jessica Ogilvie (Flute/Tin Whistle), Mitch Moehring (Bass), Tristan Roberts (Violin/Vocals), Kevin Ogilvie (Percussion), and Miranda Dolive (Vocals). 

2 Weekends Only! Apr 17 & 18 and May 15 & 16


Selkie Silks

I’m Selkie Shine and I’m an aerialist. I first fell in love with aerial silks in October 2016 and I’ve been performing ever since. My act consists of splits, flips, spins, and drops that are sure to leave you excited for more.



With songs ranging from the traditional to the fanciful, from silly to introspective, no two Triskelion sets are ever the same..... even if we plan them that way. Come sing and dance with us and, if that is not enough, come see Floyd get fired! Always a crowd pleaser.