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Avalon Faire

April 4-26, 2020

10-7:00 Saturday 10-6:00 Sunday

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The Bard O'Neill

Join the Diane Linn - the Bard O'Neill on musical adventures from one time into another and back again. The songs are your choice, "sweet or saucy," that the Bard will pick from her repertoire. No two sets are ever the same and the Craic is grand! Visit her website to view her extensive touring experience and sample songs from all five independent CDs. Diane plays guitars (6 & 12 string), bodhram (the Celtic drum) and sings with gusto and compassion. She is a consummate entertainer who delights in rapport with new friends and old!

Bohemian Jewels

Come, be captivated by Avalon's dancing ladies. The Bohemian Jewels are bellydance enthusiasts from all over East Texas performing eclectic styles of dance.  We have fun and truly enjoy dancing and it shows in every performance. Visit us each week at the Treehouse Stage!

Captain Thom Bedlam

is landlocked, bored, and bursting with tomfoolery. He brings you a wild array of magical maybe, and the sharing of vastly inaccurate knowledge and gregarious, if ineffective, lessons on piracy.  Of all the lying, cheating, unscrupulous scoundrels you’ll ever meet, you’ll like him the best. Not so much memorable as he is hilariously traumatizing.

Professor DeWitt

Come watch Punch & Judy, a classic comedy puppet show from merry old England!

Green Man Clan

Green Man Clan is Christine and Danny Faught, plus the family and friends who often join them on stage. Their music ranges widely, including Irish fiddle tunes, traditional ballads, and fantasy soundtracks. Their debut album, "We Go to Elevenses," was released in 2016

Jesse Linder

 is a singer and entertainer, specializing in the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and England. Accompanying himself on guitar, Jesse captivates the crowd with his powerful voice and his repertoire of story songs. In particular, Jesse has a strong affinity with the songs of the sea and of sailors. Whether singing a shanty, a song of battle, a love song, or a traveler’s wistful song of home, Jesse is a true shantyman, entertaining his audience, and leading them through a journey of the imagination. 

Madame le Cerceau

Jessica Kimbrell as Madame le Cerceau will 

entrance you with her amazing hoop as she spins and swirls and tosses to  magical melodies!

Leghorn the Piper

Thrill to the stirring sound of Leghorn the Piper's traditional bagpipes.   He'll be there to welcome you to Avalon in the morning, and he leads the procession to the gate at the end of each day.  He'll have you kicking up your heels in jigs and reels!

Judas Lynch & Magnolia Strange

Dr. Judas Lynch and Ms. Magnolia Strange are a husband and wife team of escape artists. Their feats of liberation have been seen at numerous circuses, ren-faires, steampunk events, cabaret shows, fringe theatre festivals, side shows, corporate gatherings, and in prisons all along the coast of high Barbary. Judas and Magnolia have performed some of the world's most well-known, and most dangerous, escape stunts and now you can see their reckless behavior for yourself at Avalon. With comedy, suspense, and abundant audience participation, this pair of travelers will bring you to the edge of your seat with fantastical narratives and death-defying stunts.

April 25-26


Join Knightwings and our magnificent birds of prey from around the world in our unique free flying show!

April 6 - 26


Traditional Celtic tunes form the main part of Triskelion’s repertoire, but in our sets you will also hear songs of fantasy and filk.  Come join Sarah, Leah, and Floyd as they sing songs designed to take you away from the everyday.  And come see Floyd get fired! (it happens more often than you would imagine)

April 11-26

Vesperam Noriega

Husband and wife musical duo who perform Soft and Romantic Folk and Classical Music with a Spanish influence. Our music has a unique style, come by and relax with us.