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Avalon Faire

April 6 - May 5

FAQs Rules of the Realm

  • No pets (except service animals)  No service animals at or near the bird show.  For safety considerations, please keep service animals a minimum of 6 feet back from Joust fence.

  • No outside food or drink.

  • All weapons used for costuming must be peace-tied and/or disabled.

  • No firearms. 

  • Absolutely no illegal substances are allowed on premises.  The use of any illegal substance will result in prompt notification of the authorities and expulsion from the Faire.

  • If, at any time, any member of the Faire staff determines a patron to be overly intoxicated, belligerent, unsafe (to themselves or to others) and/or otherwise a nuisance, the patron will be asked to leave immediately.  If the patron does not comply, he/she will be escorted out by security.

  • All staff & patrons of Avalon Faire must adhere to rules established by TABC, the county of Gregg, and the State of Texas.

  • An ATM is located inside the ticket booth.  For additional cash withdrawal, please ask the ticket booth attendant for options and fees. 

  • Lost and Found is located at our ticket booth.

  • All parking is in main parking lot, unless otherwise directed.

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