Avalon Faire

April 1 - April 30


Arthur's Outpost.jpg

Arthur's Outpost

For Thy Snacking Pleasure - Arthur's Outpost serves a variety of trail rations, including Beef Jerky, Fruit Kabobs, and Homemade Old Fashioned Sodas to tide you over  on your travels until you reach your destination! (Located at the entrance to the Trials of Skill)

Artwork by Jayde

Original paintings, drawings, and prints created by Jayde Hilliard. Her illustrations range from the fantastical to the unsettling. In addition to the gallery of work one may find other curiosities such as parasols, wooden swords, bookmarks, and tarot decks.

Bruscar Cnoc

Stop by during your Avalon adventure and refresh yourself with a Charcuterie Platter: Various meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, chocolate, cracker’s, breads, jams, and other condiments. Beer, mead, wine, sodas, and water available to slake your thirst!

Now proudly serving Thorin's Mead!

The Black Flagon.jpg

The Black Flagon

If ye thrist gets heavy and ye need it quenched come to The Black Flagon for specialty ales and wines sailed in from the seven seas. The brethren swear they will shiver ye timbers


Cloak & Swagger

Hi there! I'm Blaze, owner of Cloak and Swagger. My sewing venture started in a small kitchen in Sugar Land, TX. I learned to sew in 2012 just for making garb. Now, I am booming out of a small closet in Tyler, TX! I make cloaks, pirate coats, pants, shirts, buffles, favor holders, and many other things (except corcets - ugh! boning!) You might have seen me at the faire last year with my hat making partner. He does custom felt and wicker tricorn pirate hats. Come see us! We look forward to making something for you!

Crow and Hound.jpg

Welcome to Crow and Hound LLC

We specialize in Handcrafted Nordic wares. Most of our items are sourced by us here in Maine. We take special care to make each item by hand and created to be one of a kind. All items are cleansed and charged to insure you are receiving the highest quality we can provide.

Crystal Rock Shop.jpg

The Crystal Rock Shop

We offer a large selection of beautiful jewelry and  crystals.


DeRosa's Boots & Exquisite Leather

We have been creating artisan leather since 1994 at events all over the US.  From Boots to Vambraces to Belts to Baldrics we can create the right piece just for you.  Custom orders always welcome.


Mom's Hats & Embellishments

by Distinct Creations

Distinct Creations One of a kind hats made to order. Or chose from our in store selection of hats ready to wear. All are hand crafted.

We carry a large selection of feathers and original head adornments.

Puppets Distinct.jpg

Renaissance Fun & Games

by Distinct Creations

The toys that Medieval and Renaissance children played with included dolls and puppets, puzzles, noisemakers, and more...toys that trained physical and mental skills. We offer these Renaissance Fun & Games for you to experience for yourself.

Snacks Distinct.jpg

Twisted & Nuts

by Distinct Creations

As the legend goes, the Twisted treat of the pretzel was invented by monks in the 7th century to resemble the crossed arms of praying children. Get one of these “Little Rewards” or some of our candy-covered almonds (Jordan, chocolate, & cinnamon almonds) or roasted peanuts. Whether you go Twisted or Nuts, you will enjoy it.


Dominion's Custom Leather

bring your persona to life with our fine handcrafted accessories

Dragon's Den Decor

We sell an assortment of handmade embroidered items; banners, pillows, bags, quilts, free standing lace bookmarks, etc. And we also sell an assortment of dragons, and fairy statues for your home decor

20211006_090741 (2).jpg

Dragonfly Acres

On my property, I found 3 little Dragon-flys. After gaining their trust, I started teaching them. 1 I trained to use her claws to carve out beautiful pictures. Another I trained to breathe a tiny precision laser that chars images into the wood, and the last one was proficient in magic so had her conjure up a strong, light weight, material that she molds into little figures, boxes, and other fun stuff



DragonKin is a volunteer group dedicated to supporting Avalon and fostering lasting connections through productive pursuits.

We are fun-loving entertainers, conversationalists, and passionate participants in the Faire. Each individual brings a slew of possibilities for both ideas and action!

DragonKin currently runs the Trials of Skill Games booth at Avalon Faire, and moonlights at several other Faires. But what you might not know is that they are also part of the backbone that keeps the fair alive each year by co-hosting monthly volunteer work weekends to assist in maintaining the landscape, clearing areas for new vendors, building/repairing structures, and any other maintenance or upgrades that need to be done.

We are DragonKin! And we are proud to be part of Avalon Faire!

Dragon's Pit

Specializing in hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and bella burgers; pulled pork or chicken strip sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwich w/cup of soup; baked potatoes (plain or loaded); rice bowl (meat or veg) served in pineapple halves; pulled pork or brisket parfaits; beef, pork, or chicken pasties; fries, boudan balls, cheese sticks, and jalapeño poppers.

Soda, water, beer, and wine.

Children's menu available!


Fae in the Oak

provides handcrafted items inspired by the fairy folk. We create jewelry, wall art, fairy bottles, and decorative jars. Explore an array of fairy trinkets and escape from the mundane.

Farrago Bibelots.jpg

Farrago Bibelots

Farrago (fuh-rah-GO) means a variety or medley. A bibelot (bib-LOH) is an object of curiosity, beauty or rarity. Here at Farrago Bibelots that is what we sell, a variety of pretty curiosities from medieval Africa and beyond. On our shelves you can find pottery, artwork and home decor all inspired by the trade routes of medieval Africa. Come, see what we have in store for you!

Fortune's Fool

What fortunes betide thee in thy life’s journey? Delve into thy past and future with Sarabug and Adi.  Palm reading, tarot, scrying, and runes part the mystic veil and reveal all truths at Fortune’s Fool

Got Wood.jpg

Got Wood Cups

Looking for that handcrafted wood mug?  We have them for all budgets. All our cups come with a surprise inside from pirate coins to charms.

We are a family business, all the wood cups are produced in Cypress, Texas

Greater Elegance

From field garb to court wear, cottons and linens to velvets and silks, children's sizes to adults, we can outfit you and your family!   All sewn by Greater Elegance.  Custom orders are accepted!

Hen's Nest

Beautiful handmade crosses and beautiful jewelry!


The Horny Wench

Quality handmade drinking horns, carved horns & natural horn products, foxtails & rabbit pelts, and new to our booth for Avalon…Kilts!

The House of Gypsies

Proprietors Damiana & Doveria have been involved with the art of belly dance for almost 30 years when, along with their friend, the beloved Desdemona, formed the original Dream Harem.  Since that time, they have been collecting a trove of treasures.  In addition to basic belly dance needs such as veils, gypsy skirts and hip wear of various styles, The House Of Gypsies also has an assortment of saris, punjabs, and djbellas. We are especially proud of our “earth friendly” stuff, a collection of vintage and one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces constructed from vintage/repurposed materials. Come by for a visit, there’s no telling what treasure you may find!


We have hand made leather items. Bags, belts, deerskin bodices, pouches, frogs and many other leather goods. Customers may also order custom made items and we carry a variety of leather for your own leather projects.

Little Boxes

I do art in a lot of different mediums. One-of-a-kind hand painted boxes, canvases, signs, small furniture, murals etc. If paint will stick to it, I will paint it. Please refer to my facebook page for visual reference that will speak for itself.


Log Home Soaps

is an eclectic combination of products.  All are hand made, soaps, lotions, any that touches the skin is scented with essential oils.  Tinctures & Teas are made with organic and/or wild crafted herbs. And I use crystals & stones in all my jewelry.


Lord's Fine Works

contact us for all your Avalon Faire needs

Lusty Lemon

Atop the hill above the pond of Avalon, we are the purveyors of fine drinks such shaved ices, sweet teas, coffees, and our signature famous Lusty Lemonade.  Our drinks do include all day refills at reduced prices as we understand faire patrons are most thirsty following our exciting events.  For that infamous Sweet Tooth - we also offer wondrous fried items such as funnel cakes, oreos, brownies and snickers.  Popcorn is also popped fresh several times during the day.  There is always opportunity for a surprise goody to please the palette offered upon our whims.  

Marrakesh edit.jpg

Marrakesh Bazaar

Marrakesh Bazaar has a unique array of items. From M'rmaids bringing bags of Sunken Treasure - precious stones, diamonds and pearls from the deep seas for travelers pleasure. Dragon poop (raw crystals). Dragons nest found and eggs taken. The Nobles come far and wide to find the perfect crown or headdress pieces. Dragon glass that was left in the wake of a dragon attack on our village. To bring peace and harmony singing bowls. Wicker Baskets from afar. Faire Hair. Odd and ends pottery. Button, galaxy and essential oil necklaces. Butterfly wings from the enchanted forest. Men's Poet/Renaissance  shirts. Mermaid outfits. Embroidery/mirrored parasols. Come to the Marrakesh Bazaar and behold the wonders of the world

Dragon Stones.jpg

MB Dragon Stones

Dragon Stones offers casted concrete garden stones you can paint. Choose from stepping stones to garden and home decor. We have lots of statues and stones to choose. Three ways to buy: unpainted, pre-painted, or you paint it!


Mystic Hideaway

Welcome lords and ladies to Mystic Hideaway. Come and peruse our crocheted wears along with our many other handmade items. We also carry statues, plaques and tapestries to adorn your humble abode. You may find a treasure you just can not live with out. 


Northman Horns

Jarl Northman raids the world over to bring you the best in handcrafted viking drinkware and accessories. From a warhorn to start your own raids, to cups and mugs to celebrate your victories with, Northman Horns has what you need to drink like a viking. SKÅL!

Rainbo's Designs

Original, Creative Chain Maille for Men & Women


Scallywag Creations & Odds & Ends

We are a small wearable art and accessories business. We work in silks and cotton materials. We do ice dying

and marbling of fabrics. We can also marble other natural items such as wood. We specialize in the ancient Turkish art form known as Ebru. or marbling. Each piece is a unique creation of its own.

Shop at the End of Time

Find treasures beyond your wildest dreams, artifacts from the ends of the world, whatever you seek (and even that which you didn't know you sought) can be found at the Shop at the End of Time!

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Choose from juicy chicken, sausage, or steak on a stick; turkey legs, and roasted corn! Wash it all down with wine margaritas! Sodas and water also available.

Talongrip's Metalwork


Logan Talonsgrip (aka Keith Coleman, TDY Blacksmith Shop) along with Craig Ellif create all sorts of things in steel: tools, trinkets, blades, and runes stones.  While Sara Ellif is busy making treasures in copper.  If you stop by, you might get a story while you watch the work!  We try to be educational and entertaining.


Copy of Avalon Logo2.jpg

Tilted Tinker

Tink's Trinkets.jpg

Tink's Trinkets

Tink's Trinkets is an eclectic mix of stones, fossils, trinkets, crystals Metaphysical items, clothing, and truly so much more. 


All crafts are made by Tink herself, or another local artisan friend. A women-owned Magikal Menagerie.


3 Bog.jpg

3 Bog Trading Company

3 Bog Trading Company is a place of  fun and friends, a place to kick back and have a good time. You can find the finest cigars courtesy of Caveman Cigars from Brenham, Texas.

3 Bog Trading Company sits directly across from the new bar at Avalon  - The Black Flagon.

Trials of Skill - by Dragon Kin

For a token exchange of coin, come test your mettle at Avalon's Trials of Skill! Learn or strengthen your medieval skills such as Axe Throwing, Archery, Sword fighting, and more! We have games for all ages! Smaller warriors can test their dexterity at Jacob's Ladder, or their castle sieging skills with (itty-bitty) catapults! All comers can hop into the Battle pit for a taste of some "Family Therapy" or challenge our Champion to a one-on-one battle! Don't know how to play? Never fear! We will teach you all the tips and tricks! So come on over and taste the adventure!

triple s arms logo.png

Triple S Arms

From costume to carbon steel, we offer blades and armor for every budget and preference.

Original paintings, drawings, and prints created by Jayde Hilliard. Her illustrations range from the fantastical to the unsettling. In addition to the gallery of work one may find other curiosities such as parasols, wooden swords, bookmarks, and tarot decks.

Wooden Journals.jpg

Wooden Journals & More

We are family owned & operated artisans, creating handmade, one-of-a-kind Wooden Journals (expandable, comes with 50 sheets of acid free paper and hand-burned designs),Wooden Tankards and the well known "Distressed Tankards" candle holders, and much, much more!