Avalon Faire

May 2 - 31, 2020


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Artwork by Jayde

Original paintings, drawings, and prints created by Jayde Hilliard. Her illustrations range from the fantastical to the unsettling. In addition to the gallery of work one may find other curiosities such as parasols, wooden swords, bookmarks, and tarot decks.

Braiden Maidens

Braiden Maidens is where all within our magical realm come to tame their unruly locks whether it be regal coifs for lords and ladies or battle braids for Viking warriors and everything in between.  “LOVED what they did for me, stops everyone in their tracks!!” - Medusa

Bruscar Cnoc

Stop by during your Avalon adventure and refresh yourself with a delicious beverage.  Beer, wine, sodas, and water available to slake your thirst!

Now proudly serving Thorin's Mead!

Celeste’s Swords & Wings

has everything your fairy princess, knight, pirate, or gypsy needs. From wings, tutus, tiaras & wands, wooden swords & shields, lil pirate garb & treasures, to jewelry & accessories that shimmer, jingle, and delight. We also host a tea party every afternoon for the lil ones!

The Crystal Rock Shop

We offer a large selection of beautiful jewelry and  crystals.

The Damn Yankee Blacksmith

The faire blacksmith is Logan Talonsgrip.  He is the Faire Persona of me, Keith Coleman, of The Damn Yankee Blacksmith shop.  Creating useful as well as fun items for any who would like to purchase them, he is also a storyteller and teacher.    The stories are filled with adventure and true facts of history as well as the science blacksmithing.  Children and adults will learn a little something and have fun doing it!   I look forward to seeing each of you!

Hats by Distinct Creations

Distinct Creations One of a kind hats made to order. Or chose from our in store selection of hats ready to wear. All are hand crafted.

We carry a large selection of feathers and original head adornments.

Dragon's Den

We sell an assortment of handmade embroidered items; banners, pillows, bags, quilts, free standing lace bookmarks, etc. And we also sell an assortment of dragons, and fairy statues for your home decor

Dragon's Pit

Specializing in dragon balls (boudan), dragon tail (alligator), sausages (brats and smoked), and hamburgers with all the trimmings.

Ekko's Gyros

Gyros, Souvlaki, Hamburgers,  and many more mouthwatering delights to tempt your tastebuds.  

Fortune's Fool

What fortunes betide thee in thy life’s journey? Delve into thy past and future with Sarabug and Adi.  Palm reading, tarot, scrying, and runes part the mystic veil and reveal all truths at Fortune’s Fool

Greater Elegance

From field garb to court wear, cottons and linens to velvets and silks, children's sizes to adults, we can outfit you and your family!   All sewn by Greater Elegance.  Custom orders are accepted!

Green Man Clan

Green Man Clan's cart of wares has the curiosities, oddities, and useful things that their treasure hunting has unearthed, including unique handmade items that cannot be obtained in other kingdoms.  Shopping at their cart is like visiting a Hobbiton estate sale

Hen's Nest

Beautiful handmade crosses and beautiful jewelry!

The House of Gypsies

Proprietors Damiana & Doveria have been involved with the art of belly dance for almost 30 years when, along with their friend, the beloved Desdemona, formed the original Dream Harem.  Since that time, they have been collecting a trove of treasures.  In addition to basic belly dance needs such as veils, gypsy skirts and hip wear of various styles, The House Of Gypsies also has an assortment of saris, punjabs, and djbellas. We are especially proud of our “earth friendly” stuff, a collection of vintage and one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces constructed from vintage/repurposed materials. Come by for a visit, there’s no telling what treasure you may find!


We have hand made leather items. Bags, belts, deerskin bodices, pouches, frogs and many other leather goods. Customers may also order custom made items and we carry a variety of leather for your own leather projects.

Little Boxes

I do art in a lot of different mediums. One-of-a-kind hand painted boxes, canvases, signs, small furniture, murals etc. If paint will stick to it, I will paint it. Please refer to my facebook page for visual reference that will speak for itself.

Lusty Lemon

Atop the hill above the pond of Avalon, we are the purveyors of fine drinks such shaved ices, sweet teas, coffees, and our signature famous Lusty Lemonade.  Our drinks do include all day refills at reduced prices as we understand faire patrons are most thirsty following our exciting events.  For that infamous Sweet Tooth - we also offer wondrous fried items such as funnel cakes, oreos, brownies and snickers.  Popcorn is also popped fresh several times during the day.  There is always opportunity for a surprise goody to please the palette offered upon our whims.  

Marrakesh Bazaar

Marrakesh Bazaar has a unique array of items. From M'rmaids bringing bags of Sunken Treasure - precious stones, diamonds and pearls from the deep seas for travelers pleasure. Dragon poop (raw crystals). Dragons nest found and eggs taken. The Nobles come far and wide to find the perfect crown or headdress pieces. Dragon glass that was left in the wake of a dragon attack on our village. To bring peace and harmony singing bowls. Wicker Baskets from afar. Faire Hair. Odd and ends pottery. Button, galaxy and essential oil necklaces. Butterfly wings from the enchanted forest. Men's Poet/Renaissance  shirts. Mermaid outfits. Embroidery/mirrored parasols. Come to the Marrakesh Bazaar and behold the wonders of the world

Minotaur’s Labyrinth of Leather

Minotaur’s Labyrinth of Leather uses leather as a medium to create functional pieces of art as costume pieces, jewelry and more. Each pieces is individually designed and hand crafted to ensuring each item is a unique work of art.

Monte's Masterwerks

Creative paintings, figurines, and fantasy folk in pocket watches.

Rainbo's Designs

Original, Creative Chain Maille for Men & Women

Rogue's Alley

Need a wee break whilst enjoying the amazing sights and sounds of  Avalon? Piping hot turkey legs, roasted corn, and Scotch eggs will take the edge off your hunger pangs.  Rogue's Alley also has every refreshing  beverage you could want!  Beer, wine, sodas, and water are  available to slake your thirst!

Located in the Gypsy Forest next to the Treehouse Stage

Scallywag Creations & Odds & Ends

We are a small wearable art and accessories business. We work in silks and cotton materials. We do ice dying

and marbling of fabrics. We can also marble other natural items such as wood. We specialize in the ancient Turkish art form known as Ebru. or marbling. Each piece is a unique creation of its own.


brings you one of a kind handmade stained glass,  jewelry, bags, and everything you need to complete your garb and to adorn your home. There are treasures plucked from the ocean by a mermaid, glass feathers and moons collected by a travelling faerie, and hammers forged by a dwarf in training! We have: Stained glass moons, feathers, boxes, necklaces, and specialty charms. 
Hand crafted costume accessories such as, but not limited to, drawstring purses, jewelry, hair clips, and pet costumes.

Shop at the End of Time

Find treasures beyond your wildest dreams, artifacts from the ends of the world, whatever you seek (and even that which you didn't know you sought) can be found at the Shop at the End of Time!

TnT Uniques

Cookies, candies, fudge, chocolate covered bacon, candied nuts, assorted healthy and glueten free items, leather hats and other items, boffers, bows and arrows, drinking horns, knock down furniture, and Jezzy's Treasures' items. Stop by and find your unique treasure!

Treasures From the Hive

Honey: wreathed in mystery, honored by ancient cultures, cherished by civilizations throughout history.  Explore the bounties of honey and the industrious bee at Treasures From the Hive!

Trials of Skill - Games

The Trials of Skill! Test your skill at archery, axe throwing, and hammer tossing; try to soak your friends with our siege weapons at the wet-a-pult; challenge your balance on the Jacob’s Ladder; hop into the battle pit for some “Family Therapy” or to face our champion; take a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fire a dragon-slaying ballista…all in one place! Be sure to buy an Axe as a souvenir from Dragonkin’s, located in the games area.

Triple S Arms

From costume to carbon steel, we offer blades and armor for every budget and preference.

Wooden Journals & More

is family owned & operate, creating handmade, one-of-a-kind Wooden Journals (expandable, comes with 50 sheets of acid free paper an hand-burned designs), Stagger Sticks ("the cup that holds you up," hollowed out walking stick, coated with food grade polyresin), and has a vinyl straw that goes to the bottom chamber), candle holders, and much, much more!

Ye Olde Soap Box

We are dedicated to bringing you the best handcrafted luxury soaps and bath products. Made with fresh goat milk along with natural and organic ingredients that are safe for your body.

Kilgore, TX|info@avalonfaire.com|903-985-7633